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Pop-Up Shop for The Design Museum Shop

I’ve recently completed a project for the Design Museum Shop, creating this truly “pop-up” shop out of Dufaytlite’s Ultraboard material. The Museum Shop wanted a structure they could easily pack up, manoeuvre about, stock-up and start selling and this little “shed” contains all the bits they need to take their shop on the road.

The Shed-like design came about when they shared with me a shed graphic they’re using to promote some home-grown product and I couldn’t resist the temptation to play with the shed walls and roof, and the shack-style flappy windows. 

Look out for the #ShopShed during London Design Festival, when it will be popping-up in the following places:

Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 SeptemberOpen House at Commonwealth Institute, South Kensington

Thursday 22 September Tom Dixon’s Dock

Friday 23 SeptemberDesigner’s Block at Farmiloe Building (plus workshop with Will Shannon); then dashing back to the museum for Design Overtime until 10pm

Saturday 24 SeptemberTent at Old Truman Brewery (with Will Shannon)

Sunday 25 SeptemberDesign Museum shed will be displayed in Riverside Hall atrium. 

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